Friday, November 14, 2008

review design of calendar

First of all, i'd like to apologize to those who had sent me a personal message and ask about this blog that since my last post. I have no story anymore. Well well i promised to serious and try to share by posting some regular activities which i've been through it. I totally tired after a week must be in a rush hours to finishing all task in my office. Sometimes, i miss out of my friends and really needed them to stimulate my spirit. But i wonder if i'm disturbing their task too. Actually this is our peak seasson to start and re-design for upcoming target.

Above picture about calendar design that has to produced for upcoming year.Its so hard work for me as a commercial support and make a plan to find out a good vendor who can give me any solutions about what must be taken in the year of 2009. Everytime, i exposed my self to get a feedback and try to review some design that has been submitted by my colleagues. There were three vendor who had this job and i have to choose one of them.