Saturday, July 26, 2008

my saturday weekend

today, i was a little bit confused to start a new morning on the last weekend on this July. Yap..last night i got terrible sleep and didn't have a nice dream. Everything look so incredible for me when i opened the door and all member of my familiy had started to finish their job. My mom in the kitchen as usual was frying fried shrimps and i took two of them that could eliminate my first breakfast.

i always go to the gym in the saturday morning and have a promise with my trainer to try a new exercise every week that have been arranged by Kak Ardi (my personal trainer). Unfortunately, i didn't have any much time to prepare all my sports stuff and just called him that i wasn't fit (i'm good liar for this) and i prefer to change my agenda today for walking around in the pedestrian walkway start from International Plaza (first, my bike had parked in that amusement) and by my self i let my feet to choose the right step to Traditional Market of pasar 16 ilir.

wow i was surprised when i saw the road everwhere were cleaning by some officer. It used in this area was so dirty and smell also. But now its a nice view to visit especially the park garden under the bridge which create a new place for people to the ampera fascination.

after i enjoy the activities in that market. I moved to Agung Mosque in the heart of palembang city. This mosque was renovated in the early of 2000 when i was in the second level of my college and finish in the 2003 that inaugurated by the former president Megawati. This mosque shows its unique design and chinese architecture mixed with Melayu art. Today this mosque always use by the palembangnese to several activities that related to Moslem agenda like Ied Prayer etc.

i have been thinking to do more activities to looking around again and want to know the other side of palembang city and needed some interesting place to share with.Anyway, more updates on the palembang soon. Perhaps, along with that i will note the photograph too.


Friday, July 25, 2008

update from smiling man

yeah..starting today my mood was being worst and finally at the end of this afternoon; i fell better to stimulate and ruining all the tremendous case that happen and yet have to be finish. I really feel tired when i woke up this morning and caused the long conversation of my fren's problem last night that hasn't finish it yet.

my mom had some meals for breakfast but i couldn't to take it out for my being late to going rightaway after my bath. I'm sorry mom? But finally, at office i got some snack to giving back my lost breakfast. Wuih..the delicious fastfood indulgence me to find out another additional snack like pempek.

Today, akmal (probation staff) promotes himself to encourage us about his report during the probation. Definitely, he had prepared all data and there's no something new for me to give him my suggestion. Totally, i feel so dizzy to listen what he said about configuration of Router in Flash sharing.

Loaded of routines make my mind need some fresh things to open up my daily bread. I got some nice view from my bike when i decided to not fully office concentrate in this morning. Try to get some latest news from local newspaper didn't give me any valuable things. Tons of politics conflict and full of crapped with a bad feature. I prefer to put the newspaper down when it’s over loaded with negativity, I have other things to think about all day ha ha.

that's why i just ride my bike around the city all day and watch the people in my town doing their activity. And inspiring me to knowing people from what they did. Oh look so surprisingly when i met with an adult man in front of Agung Mosque for friday prayer that always smiling to those crossed over him. I really enjoy to receive his teeths and friendly face. It shows me that many wise man can be found in this smiling world he..he..

oke guys have a great weekend :)

it's hard to finding my outline niche of this blog

well, its a long journey for me to find a good way for my blog. I have some difficulties to create a niche of interest subject for my posting. Really bad when i actually have idea to write a story and dunno what to do for starting. I have read many blog that can give me any inspiration about my brand.

As much as i read about blogging and what people share into it, i just keep my own thought and really persistent to running out that make a differentiation. And finally show to people that it's my opinion and want them to know what inside of me actually of my routines activity and what i did.

i try to read some tips when i realize that my post isn't interest to read yet. Perhaps as a new blogger i could find a nice niche like another expert field.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

#First Week on Gym

Hi people,
I try to start a new exercise again on the Gym after i had been losing my member card two months ago. It's giving me a low motivation for going to the gym. But last saturday, my weight coincide increase spontaneously from 58 to 63 Kg. Well tonight i'll go to meet my personal trainer and ask him to arrange my schedule on the gym again. Perhaps, i'll get my appropriate weight to support my mobility in work consecutively.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Barusan gw membaca sebuah tulisan yang cukup menggugah yaitu:

" Kebahagiaan itu bagaikan sebuah pohon; yang airnya, makanannya, udaranya, dan cahayanya adalah iman kepada hari kiamat"

Hmm gw baca sekali lagi dan terus menerus untuk mengetahui makna yang terkandung lebih dalam dari kalimat yang gw sendiri agak sulit untuk menjabarkan definisinya secara lebih detil. Hanya saja pesannya yg gw tangkap adalah untuk mencapai kebahagiaan adalah dengan mengkonsentrasikan segala perbuatan kita sehari-hari ke dalam nilai-nilai iman.

Intinya semua hal yang kita lakukan mulai dari makan, minum, dan aktivitas lainnya bermuara pada tujuan akhir manusia yaitu hari akhirat. Terus gw mikir, hal apa yang sudah gw perbuat selama ini bermuara ke arah sana nggak ya? Kalo Nihil rasanya menyedihkan sekali ya? Paling gw hanya berusaha sebatas kadar ilmu dan iman yang gw punya ajalah (yg sampai sekarang aja gw nggak tahu berapa banyak kadarnya???)

Tapi ngomong-ngomong soal menikmati semua yang terjadi dan hal-hal yg gw lakukan sekarang sungguh luar biasa dan menyenangkan. Hope its the way for get a real happiness..

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Sumpah!! Gw bingung banget mo melakukan apa hari ini? Semalem gw sudah berencana bakal membereskan pekerjaan yang masih gantung dan biar nggak ada lagi beban yg nyangkut. Lagian gw pusing nih kalo suka berurusan dengan Emak-emak di kantor yg suka nge-judge, ini-itu sok ngerasa paling senior dan nggak mau salah. Padahal tanpa kompromi gw selalu bela-belain kalo gw juga bisa berargumentasi. Tapi nggak mau terlalu banyak ambil masalah dengan orang-orang seperti itu?

Hari ini, Pak Heri (manager gw) berada di Jakarta. Suasana kantor jadinya sepi banget dan anak-anak biasanya suka ngilang nggak jelas juntrungannya. Barusan si Arik, ngajakin gw untuk cabut bareng wawa dan santy. Tapi pikiran gw lagi kurang nyaman untuk walking around. Gw lebih prefer jaga kandang aja di lantai 2. Nah..sekarang gw yang lagi kelabakan mo ngapain? Ketika gw mo nyelesain semua dokumen masih harus ada approval dulu untuk revisi dan itu yang membuat gw nggak bisa bergerak banyak. Paling-paling tadi buka-lembar demi lembar kertas dokumen vendor yang masih harus dikoreksi.

Ya akhirnya gw browsing kemana-mana. Tapi nihil, gw lagi nggak doyan baca artikel dari sebelas sites yang gw kunjungi hanya mampir doank untuk liat gambarnya aja. Setelah itu gw kepikiran mo nulis blog untuk kasih tahu sodara-sodara kalo gw lagi kebingungan mo ngerjain sesuatu. Mungkin disorientasi nih...