Saturday, July 26, 2008

my saturday weekend

today, i was a little bit confused to start a new morning on the last weekend on this July. Yap..last night i got terrible sleep and didn't have a nice dream. Everything look so incredible for me when i opened the door and all member of my familiy had started to finish their job. My mom in the kitchen as usual was frying fried shrimps and i took two of them that could eliminate my first breakfast.

i always go to the gym in the saturday morning and have a promise with my trainer to try a new exercise every week that have been arranged by Kak Ardi (my personal trainer). Unfortunately, i didn't have any much time to prepare all my sports stuff and just called him that i wasn't fit (i'm good liar for this) and i prefer to change my agenda today for walking around in the pedestrian walkway start from International Plaza (first, my bike had parked in that amusement) and by my self i let my feet to choose the right step to Traditional Market of pasar 16 ilir.

wow i was surprised when i saw the road everwhere were cleaning by some officer. It used in this area was so dirty and smell also. But now its a nice view to visit especially the park garden under the bridge which create a new place for people to the ampera fascination.

after i enjoy the activities in that market. I moved to Agung Mosque in the heart of palembang city. This mosque was renovated in the early of 2000 when i was in the second level of my college and finish in the 2003 that inaugurated by the former president Megawati. This mosque shows its unique design and chinese architecture mixed with Melayu art. Today this mosque always use by the palembangnese to several activities that related to Moslem agenda like Ied Prayer etc.

i have been thinking to do more activities to looking around again and want to know the other side of palembang city and needed some interesting place to share with.Anyway, more updates on the palembang soon. Perhaps, along with that i will note the photograph too.


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