Monday, August 11, 2008

Esl Podcast as my second language

I really love to visit ESL as my daily bread and improve my ability in learning english as well. Since i've been joined through this site, i would like to say that my communication and the way to understanding a native speaks has increased already. There are many a new word that you can't find in a popular dictionary like 'stay cation", 'cooties', 'germs' and others that you can also read on their blog. Please visit ESLPodcast and get a ton of feature to improving your english.

You can also connect your iPod through your iTunes software and subscribe to get a ton of subject day by day that was produced by the person who have name as Dr. Jeff and Lucy. This year, ESL Podcast has celebrated their 3rd anniversaries and would produced their first video podcast. Perhaps, i could get to know who are the creative people behind by watching their faces through vodcast.

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eduardo said...

There is a on-line email group made for ESLPod fans! A good place for improve english and to promote language aquisition.

Take a look: