Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Ramadhan Mubarak 1429 H

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh!

Is narrated that once Ramadan was approaching,the Holy Prophet(SAW) gave a sermon in which he explained to Muslims imp of Ramadan.He advised Muslims how to behave while fasting so that their fast would be accepted & they would receive the mercy of Allah.

Read ahead & think about some of the things he said:

“O people! The month of Allah has come with His mercies & blessings.This is the month that is best of the months as to Allah.
Its days are the best of days .Its nights are the best of nights.
While fasting remember the hunger & thirst on the Day of Judgement.

Guard your tongue against unworthy words & your ears from sounds that should not be heard.Do raise your hands at the time of prayer,as this is the best time for asking Allah for His mercy .O people! Your back is breaking under the heavy load of your sins so prostate yourself before Him for long intervals & make it lighter.

Anyone who treat others well during this month,Allah will send His mercy on him on the Day of Judgement,& anyone who mistreats others in this month,Allah will keep him away from His mercy.

O people!The gates of Paradise remain open in this month,do pray that the gates may not be closed on you,while the gates of Hell are closed ,do pray to Allah that these gates may never be opened.

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