Sunday, August 17, 2008

Souvenirs in Independence's day From Palembang

Today, our lovely country has commemorate their independence day to determine as one nation in this world 63 years ago. I just traveled around to the down city actually in the slumming area like in Tangga Buntung, Merdeka Square and 35 ilir. Journey this whole day and watch the people celebrated by doing some traditional competition that had been fixed up to the children and adults.

But something has interested me to get an insight about the one souvenirs of Palembangnese.It is a Telok Abang (red egg) that settled in top of cork of many miniature of toys. The colours are everywhere with the yellow is dominate than another covering all the items.

The price is more cheaper than i expected it before. Its about Rp. 10.000 (less than 1$ US) to Rp.25.000,-(3.35$ US) per item. Every seller has their their own way to offering a purchaser in order their stuff had been sold. Actually, i had some discount if i could buy two of them.It was obligatory that I purchase two, you know, for my nepnew and nieces, however, I didn’t particularly buy a things. I just love to see the people and culture that could enlighten my day and broaden my souvenir horizon too...

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