Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Ramadhan Mubarak 1429 H

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh!

Is narrated that once Ramadan was approaching,the Holy Prophet(SAW) gave a sermon in which he explained to Muslims imp of Ramadan.He advised Muslims how to behave while fasting so that their fast would be accepted & they would receive the mercy of Allah.

Read ahead & think about some of the things he said:

“O people! The month of Allah has come with His mercies & blessings.This is the month that is best of the months as to Allah.
Its days are the best of days .Its nights are the best of nights.
While fasting remember the hunger & thirst on the Day of Judgement.

Guard your tongue against unworthy words & your ears from sounds that should not be heard.Do raise your hands at the time of prayer,as this is the best time for asking Allah for His mercy .O people! Your back is breaking under the heavy load of your sins so prostate yourself before Him for long intervals & make it lighter.

Anyone who treat others well during this month,Allah will send His mercy on him on the Day of Judgement,& anyone who mistreats others in this month,Allah will keep him away from His mercy.

O people!The gates of Paradise remain open in this month,do pray that the gates may not be closed on you,while the gates of Hell are closed ,do pray to Allah that these gates may never be opened.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ilir Barat Cafe N Bistro

A new cafe has been opened this month near to Ilir Barat Permai (IBP) complex. Ilir Barat Cafe N Bistro is the name of that cafe. I tried to visit it this afternoon and want to know the menu which had been displayed on banner. It seems so luscious especially "soto ayam ambengan" (chicken soup made by local as traditionally from Ambengan). The smell was so popular with pecan and pepper. I love to get a small cup of that tradutional cuisine and also support by the divine taste.

Location this spot so easy to visit. Near to the palembang business district and have a large parking area. It would be pleasure for you to hanging out together with your closest friend. I'm very impressed to the waitress whom always welcome the guest with her smiling faces and looks so friendly to keep it up.

The cuisines also looks so incridible with many features on top of plate like fresh salad, and other ingridients that i've been just known.

I really enjoy my self to watch the people cross over the road with traffic and this place also supporting wifi for those need internet browsing spot. My friend and I chat in many topics as long we regale a hot coffee, and i have to say it was really nice to be there incomplete with heavy rain outside.

Monday, August 18, 2008

a giant kerupuk

People, have you ever seen a giant kerupuk (a traditional of crispy cake from Indonesia which made of combination between white flour and fish) that had actually be found in one of Palembang's mall yesterday. Yeah..there was a competition for group that eager to try eat that big kerupuk and coincide by the independece day. It was so really extraordinary kerupuk which i've ever seen before.

I was so enthusiasted to see that show and really entertain those people who attended it. There were so many funny things inside when the groups try to beat another one and be the best to complete all the stuff. It was so weird for the first time when the groups look so hard to finding another pieces of slice and hug each other.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Souvenirs in Independence's day From Palembang

Today, our lovely country has commemorate their independence day to determine as one nation in this world 63 years ago. I just traveled around to the down city actually in the slumming area like in Tangga Buntung, Merdeka Square and 35 ilir. Journey this whole day and watch the people celebrated by doing some traditional competition that had been fixed up to the children and adults.

But something has interested me to get an insight about the one souvenirs of Palembangnese.It is a Telok Abang (red egg) that settled in top of cork of many miniature of toys. The colours are everywhere with the yellow is dominate than another covering all the items.

The price is more cheaper than i expected it before. Its about Rp. 10.000 (less than 1$ US) to Rp.25.000,-(3.35$ US) per item. Every seller has their their own way to offering a purchaser in order their stuff had been sold. Actually, i had some discount if i could buy two of them.It was obligatory that I purchase two, you know, for my nepnew and nieces, however, I didn’t particularly buy a things. I just love to see the people and culture that could enlighten my day and broaden my souvenir horizon too...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Joining to a chit chat corner community

It was big amazing for me when yesterday i was in the chit-chat corner and happy together. Yeah I've been joining to an english zone community. That is a small medium library located near to my dormitory in Palembang. What a surprise, i was in a dumb when entered the room and someone actually welcome me as her private guest. But poor, i was forgetting her name and she were wearing a nice blouse and explained about the rules and many function which i could get if i have no wonder to join the group.

Its very nice moments to remember. When finally i can make an acquainted with the belonging of this full house community. I met with Mr. Mike and also his wonderful wife (also forget her name). I was very enthusiasted when he totally enunciating the state of South Carolina and show me the location through the encylopedia. I'm very impressed about what he did to share his life for everyone and very warmful and also friendship.

In that great afternoon, i met with another native but sorry for this tremendous of my remember. I couldn't get in touch with them except for Mr. Berry (He comes from US too) but he looks so busy with his SLR digital camera and took some snapshot and capture an object infront of him. There were totally 9 person who natives and which look diiferent than us.

I really enjoyed following some activity during the day. We all were celebrating of Independence of Indonesia's day in the backyard by create a few of competition like eating 'kerupuk', running marble, and grouping. I know it was a first for me to joining together and i had no eager to win, just want to show my respect by participating their agenda and listening to a bunch of other jerks.

However, i thought my self that i have given a good day by meet some another good friends.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Esl Podcast as my second language

I really love to visit ESL as my daily bread and improve my ability in learning english as well. Since i've been joined through this site, i would like to say that my communication and the way to understanding a native speaks has increased already. There are many a new word that you can't find in a popular dictionary like 'stay cation", 'cooties', 'germs' and others that you can also read on their blog. Please visit ESLPodcast and get a ton of feature to improving your english.

You can also connect your iPod through your iTunes software and subscribe to get a ton of subject day by day that was produced by the person who have name as Dr. Jeff and Lucy. This year, ESL Podcast has celebrated their 3rd anniversaries and would produced their first video podcast. Perhaps, i could get to know who are the creative people behind by watching their faces through vodcast.