Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Mille Feuille ... it was a great taste croissants ever

i'm having the best day off, i dont know how i could describe about my feelings today. Starting with a delightful of task that always appear to open my routine in the office. But hardly to say that my body wasn't fit and i didn't get a fresh air from environment. I must say that i really hate the people who brings ciggarette in a public area everyday.

Yups..today was final for me and partners to find out appropriated person who dedicated as account officers where as a few of them had a problem with ours requirements. Actually, some of them look so hard to convey anything in a simple words and frankly to say, we're very tired to interview them but thanks Alloh, we've got a new experienced by meet anothers that look so great with humble idea and some funniest things too.

hmm..in the other hand. I had tried to be a first person who enjoy and tested a divine croissant that served by my colleague from Horison Hotel. It was so exciting for me and also some of my partners. I really enjoy and also confused to give an explanation hows so divine the taste of this croissant..they called with "Mille Feuille". it sounds in my ears like a french accents that had no meaning and also unforgettable to the lips.

And i dont know when i see the picture of this croissant and i'm reminiscing with strawberry that cover on top of this delicious cake. I figure that this croissant looks so weird for those people in their first impression that want to try it. This was one of the more simple taste cake and so simple, yet so flavorful too.