Monday, September 01, 2008

a skinny Machiatto Caramel at Ngopi Doeloe

Hello peeps..
Its been a week i have no time to write any post here. I've just came back from my vacation in Bandung and also Jakarta for a while. There were so many object that i had captured in my pocket camera and handphone too. Since i've lost my digital SLR Canon two months ago. I really miserable to get snapshot an interesting object during my trip last week. Thanks, i still have my pocket and Carl Zeis Tessar AF 3.2 MP which embedded in N73.

Totally, it was my last vacation before facing ramadhan blessing. I just want to make any relax there by meeting my buddies and either relatives. Bandung in the last minutes is a title of my journey as long as i've spent all day in one fabulous spot of Grand Aquilla Hotel close to Pasteur Tol Gate. Its a five star hotel and looks so beneficial sometimes when i had no idea to went out.

I'm still reminiscing all my experience in Bandung and imagine the foods with had severed very very welldone of hospitality. I try to figure out one of them that is "Ngopi Doeloe". Located near to Dago at Purnawarman and I could smell fresh air and hot coffee with the luxurious spot, comfort and low prices difinetely.

I tried to order a skinny Machiatto Caramel Instead of using whole milk, Yah I know its to bold for you when you used to workout a coffe shop. But it is mad with skim, wich ultimately has less calories.You could also try asking if they have sugar free caramel syrup, which actually tastes the same as regular.And definitely ask for no whip cream, because that is where your calories really add up.He..he.. but frankly its not a big deal ever...just enjoy and make your life more cosmo by doing some fun activities in cafe accompanion by your partner or else. My suggestion is also usefull if you not order Caramel Machiatto at Starbucks. It wont make a sense and just spend your money only :(

Here is the available menu and frankly to say that all prices are rated in the low profile.
Kopi / Coffee
Kopi Jadoel 8.000,-
Kopi Bandrek 12.000,-
Machiatto Caramel 12.000,-
Kopi Latte 12.000,-
Capucino 12.000,-
Espresso 7.500,-
Double Espresso 11.000,-
Coffee Float 11.000,-
Es Kopi Tubruk 9.000,-
Es Kopi Susu 9.000,-
Ice Chocolate 5.000,-
Hot Chocolate 9.500,-
Hot Tea 8.000,-
Amaretto Ice Coffee 12.500,-
Frozen Coffee Iglo
Frozen Capucino 14.000,-
Frozen Mocacino 14.000,-
Frozen Caramel 17.500,-
Frozen cookis & Cream 17.500,-
Frozen Ice Caramel 19.500,-
Shakes Vanila, Chocolate, Strawberry
Espresso 13.000,-
Milo 13.000,-
Affogato 13.000,-
Italian sodas
Ice Chocalate Caramel 15.000,-
Ice Monkey 15.000,-
Ice Banana Moca 15.000,-
Tiramizu 15.000,-
Mango 15.000,-
Chocolate Almond Late 15.000,-
Caramel Apple 15.000,-
Hazelbut Delight 15.000,-
Blue Sky 15.000,-
Cream Soda 15.000,-
Lemon Lime 15.000,-
Berry Lemonade 15.000,-
Tropical Tanggo 15.000,-
Coffee Break’s
Scoop Ice Cream 5.000,-
Pisang Crispy 5.000,-
Colenak 5.000,-
Roti Bantal 5.000,-
Bitter Ballen 5.000,-

Its right if i've told you that all rate are preferable in the low rate, isn't it? Yeah the cosy atmosphere support for teenagers and adults come and enjoy the location with the big tree surrounding make your tranquil leisure more acceptable.

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Juliana Dewi Kartikawati said...

Hi. Here I am again. Thanks for the info. I'll visit Ngopi Doeloe someday.