Friday, July 25, 2008

update from smiling man

yeah..starting today my mood was being worst and finally at the end of this afternoon; i fell better to stimulate and ruining all the tremendous case that happen and yet have to be finish. I really feel tired when i woke up this morning and caused the long conversation of my fren's problem last night that hasn't finish it yet.

my mom had some meals for breakfast but i couldn't to take it out for my being late to going rightaway after my bath. I'm sorry mom? But finally, at office i got some snack to giving back my lost breakfast. Wuih..the delicious fastfood indulgence me to find out another additional snack like pempek.

Today, akmal (probation staff) promotes himself to encourage us about his report during the probation. Definitely, he had prepared all data and there's no something new for me to give him my suggestion. Totally, i feel so dizzy to listen what he said about configuration of Router in Flash sharing.

Loaded of routines make my mind need some fresh things to open up my daily bread. I got some nice view from my bike when i decided to not fully office concentrate in this morning. Try to get some latest news from local newspaper didn't give me any valuable things. Tons of politics conflict and full of crapped with a bad feature. I prefer to put the newspaper down when it’s over loaded with negativity, I have other things to think about all day ha ha.

that's why i just ride my bike around the city all day and watch the people in my town doing their activity. And inspiring me to knowing people from what they did. Oh look so surprisingly when i met with an adult man in front of Agung Mosque for friday prayer that always smiling to those crossed over him. I really enjoy to receive his teeths and friendly face. It shows me that many wise man can be found in this smiling world he..he..

oke guys have a great weekend :)

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