Sunday, December 18, 2005

my Best Friend

When I heard anyone telling me about their best friend,
I would feel “Oh I wish I had a friend like that!”
The fact is I had many friends. They were countless. Whomever I met, I called my friend, but I never had any best friend in my life. I saw my mother, my sisters, my brothers, my cousins, my classmates, etc., talking about their friends and about the strength in their bond of friendship.

Many times I heard them say to each other “We have been through a lot together, we shared good times and bad times, laughter and tears, and no matter what, we were there for each other.” These words made me yearn to have a best friend. I realized best friends are a blessing from Allah Most High, and no matter what we do we cannot earn best friends unless Allah wills.

A year back I was too silly that I used to have an imaginary friend who I always shared my feelings with and made everybody believe that this friend was real. My imaginary friend was my best friend who was with me during times of joy and hardship.

Sometimes I would not have control over my loneliness and they would flow over my face and drench my heart. I wondered why. I then realized it was because I lacked something precious in life—A BEST FRIEND! No imaginary friend can replace a real friend. I became desperate and wondered, “Am I so cruel that nobody wants to be close to me even if I try to be close to them?” I sunk deep inside but never showed my emotions and pretended I didn’t give way to my emotions.

I hate so much when I was alone! One day when I was needing for a friend, suddenly a shiver of fear ran up my body.
I wondered why. Then I felt a voice inside me saying, “Stop! … Stop this nonsense! … How can you cry? And why are you crying? … Don’t you know Allah is the Wali (Protector) of the believer? … Are you a believer? … If so, then stop! And talk to your best friend!”

(Allah is The Wali of those who believe and takes them from darkness into light.) (Al-Baqarah 2:257)

SubhanAllah!(Glory be to Allah!)
He, Allah, my Protector and friend, had been there with me even before I was born. He is there for me at all times. He would never abandon me. His word (Qur’an) is a source of encouragement and hope, and a counsel for me. He is the best of all best friends anybody can have!

And I know my Best Friend will surround me with many more companions in the Hereafter. I will ask Allah to surround me with friends like Ali (may Allah be pleased with her) bin Abi Thalib, one of the noblest men in the entire world because I read his story and was so impressed and touched by his wonderful noble qualities!

Now will I say, “Oh, I yearn for a best friend!”?
No! I will try my best to work according to the way my Best Friend advised and insya’ Allah I will get to see my other friends like Ali in the Hereafter!


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