Friday, October 10, 2008

green house on Lebaran day

i'm coming back home after a week i have no story on this blog. I miss around and had some fun activities with whole family during our holiday in the Lebaran day. Ups..before start this blog again. I wanna apologizes about those who had hurted by me and really regret to all the folks that i've created before. Minal Aidin Wal Faizin. Happy Iedul Fitri 1429 H. May Allah bless us in His Love and Give us A tons of Happiness.

yeah..start a new day. That statement has always remind me when i had passed a month of ramadhan. I just thought my self, is it any valuable things that has covered me already? Certainly, i had promised to do better and want to share any valuable things in my life to others. this is out of my story into this blog and perhaps i could give you another one. Hugh..

Before facing Iedul Fitri last week. My familiy had made a nice mean we had had renovation actually in the terrace and also add some green tile to cover all odds floor. I love to see the green colour in many reason to give a calm nuances at home and certainly no dazzle effects when the lights covered my home on the sunny day.

oke i'll post some pictures next week after i copy it into my laptop.

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