Tuesday, December 02, 2008

my resolutions this year

today was puff up. I dont know what i must write to continue again this blog after my last entry on November last year. Surely i had lost my december's story. A ton of history had left behind and i dunno what to share. Have any idea? Just got back a terrible idea when stuck in my head always. I prefer not to open this blog until i could ease my pain last end year's month.

On the 1st day of 2009, i just watched TV and got a dinner party with my complete family.Hey we never do this before! It's coincided to my nephew's birthday that actually celebrated his 5th years. A lot of fun and laugh had boomed during that occasion. I get fully tired to help my mom prepared all stuff behind and also my nephew's gift.

i have no resolutions on that time, but when i was thinking about party suddenly i remember my girl outhere in Nagreg. I miss her around and really want to make a bunny whisper to saying that i always do care with her in many time i've been thought her.So i wrapped a nice message to her that declare that i wanna marry her this end of year. Oh i wish this dream would be come true.

there's a voice at the center of the night's wind and i whisper as my best wishes at that time to discover a grace and healing that complete our commitment into a real family.

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