Friday, January 16, 2009

Good Job on 1st Week of this year

Totally i was in Pangkal Pinang last week for attending an invitation by my colleague in Parai Beach resort.Arie and me had asked by owner of Eljohn Group to present about our latest info interm that he will use our business solution products in his company.Actually, i always response about what he need whether he never asked it before. But, when i had a chance to meet with Mr.Johnie in one Palembang of hotel's lounge. I get an acquainted with him as personally and really excited to hear about what his ambitions.

so in the first week of my starting day in office. Arie and i had to prepared all the stuff actually material of presentation since there was no information about typical of needs. All material had been prepared by me and also support by Akmal and i was not convidence to convey this all.So,fortunately when we introduce ourselves to the management, they were really apreciating us as a guest in their hospitality.It stimulates me as a person who can break up all the barrier that was influence me on the first meeting. Actually, arie and me comfort to convey all information about our network performance which needed to support our business solutions product that had to offer to eljohn group.

I'd love to tell you that as long as my trip to sungailiat, the scenery was so beautiful and really enchanted me to try one of their best view and also snapped me on the spot by using my BlackBerry cameras.I'll try to share it in another occasion. Parai beach resort is one of the most attracting location in Bangka island that will indulgence those who wants holiday. Okay..i was thinking that it wasn't my holiday during that time. Its business trip so i must stop thinking to enjoy the time but i must to run my business activity only...hope this project will be success


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