Thursday, January 22, 2009

complicated day

today was complicated for me. I hate admit to saying this that i’m not interest with my routines anymore in office. I do all my job with full responsibility to help and give a solution to my friend who needed my assistance in according their job. I have no idea why are they still ask about the matter that happened to me not directly to their boss? I was thought if i really really expertise to all problem that actually happened in our daily bread everyday in my lovely company.

i feel very boring and needed some refreshment but i have no choice. Recently i’ve just heared that there is a chance for me to move into another department in my company and i really want it so much. I dunno how to starting it..i’m not really quite sure about my career if i were here (in my department) for so long.

Basically, i was coming from technical background when i enrolled my application. And at this time moment, i must control all commercial aspect in term to fulfill all basic needed including some routines activities that was like a general administration activities..hmm i dont like it so much..but nothing comes up when i had been handled all. So this job like my bad destiny here.

I need to talk with someone who can understanding me and give me an advice how i can empower my basic value. It’s tremendous problem when the morning day i open my laptop and check budget availability in system and then distributed them to pay a few invoice that always come to my desk everyday and nothing more except involvement.

I really enjoy my responsibilty when i had a nice and wise boss who can give me another experience and totally never interupt or disturbed for what i must do for this department. Sometimes i get confused when ’someone’ had been made an intervention for all my task that hasn’t belong to his appropriate responsibility and babbling about things that i often dont understand. I have to make some objection for just giving a confirmation about something wrong on his mind deceptively this is all my folk and too subjective and also really ridiculous for me.

i’ve been dreaming someday, i’ll can explore my ability in business field and i hope to Alloh; i dont screw it up. So, i’ll try to contact some colleagues to find out any information about new employement requirements. I literally had no feeling to run my job so its time for me to looking another one.

thanks guys for reading my blog today…i’m starving…????