Tuesday, May 05, 2009

good boy on skateboard Acid

"come by this afternoon", when an alert message drop to my phone this morning. Look i was in the rest off and didn't know what to do along last sunday. So, very quick i direct to reply to come and also really want to join.

Great experienced and also so much fun during that time. I have admit that i was totally get a new experienced when trying to ride a skateboarding in a new way. Yups i just only in amateur level after acquaintaced with them in Sriwijaya Heritage and Memorial Park and they looked so friendly and very clear to give me an understanding how to drive it as they saw it to me.

But nope..i didnt expected too much to involved. My desire only to captured them and give an essence of photography in order i can explored my ability in imagination how to get a nice shot. Take a look!!!

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