Tuesday, November 16, 2004

I wish I could meet Ramadhan once more and try to perform as well as Ramdhan even better

It's almost the end of Ramadhan already. Too bad, I haven't taste the joy of it. I'm fed up with projects and stuffs. I haven't had the time to do regular tarawih jama'i, it's the prayer performed during the ramadhan only. I usually try to finish one reading of the Quran each Ramadhan (khatam) but this time I'm only half way done.

Man, i wish, I'm not this busy.Just like previous year, my wish is still the same. I wish I could meet Ramadhan once more and try to perform as well as Ramdhan even better, so the upcoming Ramadhan will be better than today. I think this is the best way to increase our self performance by having one month as a training month for the next 11 month.

But I figure out my self, the routinity of my humble make me so dizzy. To create a day without any world taste too hard for me coming into out. So this ramadhan not influenced me to be better man as i should do. But I pray to the work that I've been doing is just only Commotion the One and Only, 4JJ.

The situation in my Office already in a good way for me to maintain me as a personal who have any good sense as proffesional worker. But the small difficulties only a spare thing with doesn't mean so much. I aware as a newbie here i should realize the character and the condition that i must contemplate. And it is natural commonly meet in a new situation. Surely i dont care the grambling of the stuff but i just want to improve my newsight.

Hey Fren..surely i need your comments about this case. Only small case maybe in through of my day, but i just feel it's not enough for me to solve by my self. Yeah Happy Ramadhan, everybody. During Ramadhan evil conceals itself while good comes to the fore and the whole atmosphere is filled with piety and purity. Let's do our best to get the best out of Ramadhan, amin

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